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The Settlement has 2 restaurants, Patti's 1880's and Mr. Bill's, both serving our famous 2" Pork Chop. This pork chop, our house specialty with over a pound of center cut pork chop seasoned and charbroiled as only Patti's can, needs to be seen and tasted to be believed. We also have great luncheon entrees available, including our popular Kentucky Hot Brown, an open-faced sandwich topped with thin sliced ham and turkey, smothered in our House Cheese Sauce and baked in the oven, then topped with a slice of tomato, crisp bacon and our homemade potato chips.

Group Parties, Catering, Wedding?

See our Managers for details!
Please turn off all cell phones for the added enjoyment to your dining pleasure.

Be Sure to Call for Reservations 888-736-2515 or 270-362-8844

All You Can Eat

  • Adults
  • Children 6-12
  • Children 3-5
  • Drink


  • Turkey and Dressing
  • Baked Ham
  • Roast Beef
  • Roast Pork
  • Giblet Gravy
  • Brown Gravy
  • Mashed Potates
  • Sweet Potato Casserole
  • Green Beans
  • Creamed Corn

Choice of One

  • Congealed Cranberry Salad
  • Cream of Broccoli Soup

Dessert (Choice of One)

  • Pumpkin Pie
  • Sawdust Pie
  • Pecan Pie
  • Apple Pie
  • Chess Pie
  • Mincemeat Pie


Gift CardTreat your family & friends to the wonders of Patti's Gift Cards!
They can be purchased in any denomination starting at just $10 and up.

We sell our 9" Pies in our bakery department.

The following pies may be pre-ordered from our bakery:
Ice Cream Pies, 10" Pies, Coconut Cake

Patti's Pies available in gift shops are sold without topping. If you would like topping for your favorite pie, please ask and we'll be glad to help you.

Available in gift shops:
Loaf bread, Strawberry Butter, Pork Chop Sauce, Pork Chop Seasoning, Patti's BBQ Sauce.