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Voted Best Non-Franchise Restaurant by the readers of Kentucky Living.

Pattis“Patti's 1880's Restaurant, started as "Hamburger Patti's Ice Cream Parlor" in 1977, with a seating capacity of 20 people, when my mother (Patti) talked my brother Chip into moving here from Los Angeles. My mother was the baker and daytime cook while Chip ran the place and was the evening cook. One of the first dishes created was a big old stuffed pork chop. One day we ran out, a hunter said he didn’t care how it was cooked just cook him a big old pork chop. Well my brother put one on the char broiler with the hamburgers and about an hour later it was served, charcoal black and tasting "great" said the hunter. So off we went perfecting our 2" charbroiled pork chops. We serve an average of 60,000 pounds of 2" chops per year.”

“Chip, myself and even our mother never have had a cooking lesson. What we’ve learned over the years is what tastes great. We all love to eat and have become a little over weight because of this. What mom and my brother started with was the idea of how to flavor food, from growing up living in Arizona, Hawaii and California, our sauce and seasoning came about from living in these locations. It’s become fairly common to find big thick pork chops in other restaurants, but it’s Patti’s seasoning and sauce that create that wonderful flavor in all of our food that keeps bringing everyone back.”

“I get to travel a lot these days buying for gift shops, almost every time I come back and brag about the great food we serve right here at Patti’s. I bet out of the last 10 restaurants I’ve eaten at, New York, Las Vegas, Nashville, Atlanta there haven’t been more than 2 or 3 dishes that were better than ours. But it’s these dishes that we try to recreate for you with the Patti’s touch of course!”

“Today we are proud of our great food, from pasta’s, chickens, sandwiches and steaks to our amazing 2" thick charbroiled pork chops and pies. We strive to bring you the best, at the best possible pricing. From my family and the Patti’s family of employees please join us for an evening meal or and afternoon treat.”

Thank you, Michael Tullar

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